Alert generated twice from the same source at the same time.

The alert “y” was generated from x. The alert generated at 13.12.2016 15:34 and stayed for nearly 20 hours

When we checked we found that the same alert was generated at 13.12.2016 16:02 and resolved at the same time.

Can you also please let us know even though the alert was not resolved why there was a new alert from the same source .

I have run across this when I had a server running one OS and then either it was upgraded (in place) or a new server with a newer OS was named the same. SCOM does all monitoring based on FQDN. So I had 2 alerts. One for Server 2008 (old OS) and one for Server 2012 (new OS). I had to delete the agent in SCOM admin pane from the console and restart the agent. Once all discoveries ran again, only the Server 2012 Monitors and rules were running.

Please can you confirm which columns you can see in the alert view?

If you have just “source” or “path” you will likely see similar objects often. Best to have both enabled.

In SCOM you can add these columns in by right clicking your alert view and either editing the properties (global) or clicking personalize (for a single user).

In Squared Up, you can edit the columns by editing the settings of the alert section / tile.

In my persionalized view I am having both source and path enabled. From those details only I am able to find that the alert was generated from the same source.