All Contained Objects monitor (Enabled/Disabled) greyed out.

Hi all. I’ve mapped out an app and imported into SCOM as well as have added a web availability monitor to my DA. Now I’m trying to disable all availability components except for the client facing one with my availability monitor. However, I’m trying to disable “All contained objects” and it’s greyed out. Any idea how to get this to turn so I can disable it?




Is this in the Authoring -> Monitors view?

If it’s a monitor and greyed out, it’s usually disabled, and it may have been enabled via an Override.

Right click on it and choose Overrides Summary. You can also create an override to disable it.

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As the overrides aren’t stored as a property of the logical disk object, it’s not possible to surface this in Squared Up at the moment.

In version 2, there was the option to have health state highlighting ( which was a good way to visualize this information.

Perhaps this is a feature request for support.

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