Any way to bypass SSO to login for elevated accounts?

We currently use windows auth SSO for our production SquaredUp. This works great for almost all users except my own SCOM team. For security purposes, we admin SCOM with different AD accounts than our standard login, which makes it tricky to author dashboards since the RBAC changes in v4.x. I know some other products that allow a /login or other URI that switches to a form login to change credentials. I don’t see this option in SquaredUp so wondering if anyone else has run into this situation and come up with any solutions other than runas (which in our environment doesn’t work with Chrome, only IE) or logging onto the SquaredUp server directly with admin login. Thanks!

Do you have HA configured?

If you have Enterprise or EAM, you can deploy a second SQUP instance with a different auth type, and dashboards will be synced between.

We don’t currently have HA but that is an interesting idea to use it for different authorization front-ends and dashboard sync instead of load balancing. I’ll think about that!