Any way to display server specs in a dashboard?

I’m trying to set up a dashboard that displays hardware allocations - for example, number of CPUs, amount of RAM, etc. Is there any way to do this outside of a SQL query to the DW?


Why yes there is! Custom Labeling! There's a couple of ways to go about creating this view, I'll guide you through the quick/easy way.

Create a STATE view
Scope to Advanced > Class of Windows Server Operating System (since memory is in the OS object)
Now for the Labeling; aka the learning curve. Select Custom and NOTE tick the box for “load extended properties (longer load times)”, this is where the magic happens, but not just yet.
Click NEXT to go to Sort
Click on More
Tick the box to load extended properties
Count to 5, not 3, or 6, or even 4…count to 5.
Now look in the drop down box. You should see a bunch or properties that you can now use in your labeling and sorting! I usually grab a screenshot, or you can also export the properties via powershell (someone may post that tip also).

Now, back to Label

Custom should be selected, the box for loading extended properties should be checked

Now pick any of the properties, and enter them in the custom field like this

{{Path}} | <b>Logical Proc</b> {{LogicalProcessors}} | <b>Memory</b> {{PhysicalMemory}} | <b>Windows Version</b> {{Name}}

this will create an example view for you that shows the Servers Name (as Path), Logical Proc, Memory in MB* and Windows Version

*If someone can help figure out how to convert that into GB that would be fantastic. I assume there’s something that I need to add to the XML within the dashboard.

The unfortunate part is that the OS object doesn’t have all of the pertinent information that you’re wanting. If there was a way to combine properties from the Windows Server or Windows Computer object AND the Windows Server Operating System objects, that would be perfect.

Also, stay tuned; I just submitted two dashboards to the community site that are examples of production views that I’ve created using the advanced labeling and sorting.


Great! That’s exactly what I was looking for.

Memory in GB --> {{((PhysicalMemory/1048576).toFixed(0))}} GB

Does this work in V3 now? I don’t see a State view any more just a Status tile and I don’t see an option for Labeling.