Anyone done anything with WebAPI tile and Citrix Netscalers?

I am about to embark on seeing what is possible and hopefully do some really useful dashboards.

Currently we have the Netscaler MP in SCOM, and we use that to gather info from Netscalers and display on a dashboard, but I’m wondering if I can get more info via the API.

Just keen to hear if anyone has done it, been successful, and got any handy tips?

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If you’re looking to use Powershell to integrate it into a SCOM MP, there are some examples to be found here:

Managed to get this to work in Squared Up. Simply add a generic provider with the following configuration (blanked out some stuff for obvious reasons :))

Afterwards, you can use the Web API tile like this:

Result looks like this (without formatting etc):

Maybe I’ll blog about this since it is an interesting concept :). The rest api documentation can be found here:



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I haven’t specifically used Netscalers, but if it has an API look at clients like Postman ( and Insomnia ( to query the Netscaler API, to see what information you can retrieve. Then it’s a case of picking out the API queries that retrieve the information you are interested, and using the WebAPI tile to display the info.

I was going to tinker with postman, but I hadn’t heard of Insomnia - I will check it out.

THANKS! That’s an awesome example to get me started.

Jasper’s now done a fuller write-up of this here -