Apache on Windows

Does anybody have any recommendations for monitoring Apache on a windows system. I found one MP from MS but in reading its manual it sounds as if it is just for Linux.

We usually just monitor the windows service for Apache. - Additionally the log directories as they used to grow fast: https://github.com/Juanito99/Windows.Server.Webservice.LogdirectoryWatcher

Which additional requirement would you have on monitoring Apache on windows?

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Can you please explain how to build the monitor for the Apache windows service? #newbie

Tanvanburen, welcome to this forum :slight_smile:

When I had the same question I found a great blog series from Bob Cornelissen. It explains very good and with interesting background information how to solve this problem.


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You’re welcome. - As I am not familiar yet with SquaredUp I can’t help more ~

Ruben, thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link.
I am looking for a similar tutorial for SquaredUp, since I do not have access to SCOM.