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Looking into the new Dashboard Server, and Web API integration in particular. In the past the Web API tile allowed you to specify the refresh token url, but doesn’t appear to be the case in this version. Just wondering how the Web API handles expiring access tokens?

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nm …got it …had setup the wrong authentication type in the integration.


Glad you found the answer! We can’t wait to hear what you think :slight_smile:

one step forward , 2 steps back

the API supplier (in this case Veeam) has a requirement for a header

"x-api-version: 1.0-rev1"

What’s the best way to incorporate this when setting up an OAuth Web API integration?

Hey Craig, there isn’t currently a means to add a header to an Oauth provider at the provider level. You’d need to set that extra header within your tile.

This would be necessary for every tile using that provider. I’m sure @john-knowles will get this added to the feature requests queue for you. Very valid requirement :slight_smile:

Thanks Adam, might need to try a different API provider then for my testing :frowning:

Unless I am miss understanding the problem, you can still use this provider @Cragdoo, just remember to put the header into the tile when you configure it on the dashboard. Just like @Adam’s screenshot.

I’ll log the suggestion too, thank you!

It’ll work @Cragdoo, I just meant that you can’t specify it once within the provider config. Add your provider and try configuring a tile, just remembering to set that API version header in the Headers & Data panel. That way it’ll get sent with the request when the dashboard loads and your API should respond just fine.

Thanks Adam/John

The issue is when I try to add the OAUTH integration, the API provider needs the header, even on the initial authorisation. I’m speaking to Veeam about this.

In the meantime, Adam I will take you up your offer for a 30 mins chat, next week sometime. Would be good to discuss.

back to the original topic about refresh tokens. I’ll still seeing, what appears to be, my session token expiring, but not renewing/refreshing. I’m trying to figure out if it’s a me/Veeam/Squared up issue. Any guidance?/info about how the Web API integration handles refresh tokens?