App Insights Tile and Line Graph

We need to display a line graph of metrics retrieved from Application Insights.

The only tile we can see are scalar and tabular and, as far as I know, the log analytics tile cannot be used for the Application Insights logs.

Is there any way to do it with SquaredUp?

For SquaredUp for Azure...

Use the performance tile:


Scope it to the App Insights workspace you’re storing the data:


Chose your metric:


Thank you Jelly for the answer.

Let me get this straight, what you suggest is to retrieve the metrics of the Application Insights with the Azure MP and then create a performance tile based on the metrics retrieved in SCOM?

Do you know if the performanceCounters of Application Insights are retrieved as well ?

Thank you Jelly, I got that after re-reading it :slight_smile:

In case someone else has the same issue we solved it by using cross query in a Log Analytics workspace and the Log Analytics provider

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Hi Gabriele, it is a different edition of SquaredUp