App status team dashboard

Looking to create and app status dashboard for some DA’s I made with VADA. I want to select the DA’s specific to a team and then display any critical or warning alerts below the status tile frame. Thinking this should be easy but stumbling over how to list out the DA’s and get them to show up as a status dash board. Showing all DA"s was easy but now I am trying to do a list of specific DA’s. This will also be come an issue when I try to make my dashboard showing status of all Tier 1 apps

Figured it out

What I needed to do was add the DA’s in as a list. For some reason I had it in my head they would be a group. I just added the DA’s in as a list and the did another frame with the alerts and did a list below it.

I’d be interested to see this in VADA as well. We don’t use VADA at all and it would be useful to see the advantages and the limitations \ constraints.

At the moment we do everything via Visual Studio and I’m putting together a short series on how we build application monitoring \ infrastructure monitoring and visualise it within Squared Up. This includes creating groups of operating system objects (for scoping os monitoring) and also Health Service Watcher Objects (so that the application doesn’t stay green if a server with a healthy status goes offline).

It is work in progress but feel free to provide feedback:



Can you share your findings? Might be useful for other users who are in a similar position :slight_smile: (edit above and give us some juicy screenshots!)