Application uptime monitoring for higher management

Hello, What would be the easiest way to create application uptime monitoring dashboard for Citrix VDI / Exchange or something like that ?


You mean within SquaredUp? There are OOTB availability dashboards available after you map your applications.


Thanks, I’m actually new to this. Any idea how can i configure EAM for Citrix VDI environment.

Click on “Map new application” button on the home page and add in the components in your map. Suggest you to take a look here:


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That video is quite old and only has the discovery element of an Enterprise Application from v3. In v4 and above, you can map applications, add availability monitoring, and more.

You should check out the docs for Enterprise Applications as a starting point:

I’d also highly recommend booking a demo call with one of the team: Calendly - SquaredUp Pre-Sales Team

They’ll walk you through the product as a whole, but you can also ask them to focus on particular areas, to help you see the value in what they offer.

(Full disclosure - I’m one of the engineers that provides demos!)


Is it possible to add an existing DA from SCOM to squaredup EAM ?

You can view any SCOM object in SquaredUp, including EAs, but they are different in the SCOM sense.

You’re best bet is to re-create a DA in SquaredUp as an EA, though it depends on what the DA consists of. Are you able to share any info as to what the app contains?

The app contains Citrix info, Somebody else had created this before so i was thinking to use that same DA into Squaredup to create EAM.

You can search for the DA in the global search box. This will take you to perspectives/drilldowns available for the application.


From there, you can build your own views to showcase the different objects, and the data available for them.


Alternatively, you can build your own EAs:

One option is to look at the sample enterprise applications to give you some ideas: