Asset Tagging

I was just rewatching the asset tagging webinar. I use SCSM as my CMDB and was thinking would there be a way to replicate this data into scom so I can add the information into emails and dashboards. Example management would love to look a status tile block and know which team was responsible for a server that is yellow or red so displaying that in there would be great. We already have mechanisms in place to update SCSM and us that as our source of record so a way to sync the data between the two would be ideal. First thought was to try and use orchestrator to try and sync the data. Second thought was to see if there was a way to sync the data from one database to the other anyone ever tried to do this

Syncing between the two databases wouldn’t achieve much as you wouldn’t have anything to attach the properties to and they would only exist in the DB, not on the server itself. In the webinar, they talked about the SquaredUp.Computer.Extended class, which is what hosts the properties they set.

Orchestrator monitoring your CMDB and then adding the reg keys via a SCOM agent task (the SCOM agent already has all the permissions required to do this, as opposed to provisioning a new elevated account), passing in the values as properties for an overridable property as shown in the webinar, would do the trick though.

Maybe this ist what you are looking for.

Or could I add to my existing runbook so that when someone goes and modifies an entry it updates both my CMDB and SCOM which would be ideal. Question is how do I go about getting that data passed into the scom agent task? Sorry still have a lot to learn on SCOM but my knowledge is growing all the time.

They are passed in as overrides in their MP and I’m fairly sure they used a custom write module to allow the overridable parameters. The MP is hosted on github ( though only in XML form. If you search for “ModuleTypes” the section below has the write module, followed by the script to set the keys. I’m not amazing with MP authoring, so that’s about as far as I can read into it I’m afraid.