Auto-Rotating Dashboards in SquaredUp v3

I have a TV that I want to show some Open Access dashboards on but I can’t seem to find any way of having them auto-rotate

I found the KB for this function in V2

Can anyone tell me how to do this, preferably through Squared Up, but if not maybe another method?

As far as I remember, that function isn’t available in Version 3 (I stand to be corrected).

There is an add-in for Chrome that performs the function. It’s called Revolver and auto rotates between open tabs.

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Are you looking for something that will just rotate through IE tabs? If the TV isn’t used for anything else, this PowerShell script will solve your problem:

Add-Type -AssemblyName “System.Windows.Forms”



start-sleep -Milliseconds 30000



While ($i -ne 0)

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Thanks, I ended up trying a few of them. Took me ages to figure out what to search the extensions store for.

The best product for this ended up being URL Slideshow

I would much rather have the functionality back in SquaredUp, but as long as it works I am happy