Auto-scheduling the SquaredUp reports

Hello All,

We use SquaredUp reports on regular basis to know the Performance/Availability metrics. So I felt to automate this by scheduling the SquaredUp reports, but i didnot find any options in UI.


Can someone help me out to schedule these reports atleast by some powershell scripts if not from console.

And i strongly recommend to add this feature in upcoming release as SquaredUp exclusively meant for reporting purpose when scheduling is the one of crux features.



There’s no way to schedule reports in Squared Up because the dashboards/tiles are scoped to a timeframe, so you can view it any time and see the last 30 days of data, for example.

The performance drill-down does allow you to pick a custom time, but this is the only place:

If you did want to somehow automate this, everything is in the URL on a performance drill-down, including the start/end date time:


Any plan on Auto-schedule in near upcoming release… ?
Because what about the users who pull the same data on weekly or daily basis,… is not time killing one…?

If you set up the dashboards with the correct time frame, then you would just need to load it up and hit export. If there’s a little too much time before/after, you can always trim that out of the Excel. I don’t know about that I’m afraid, but Support can log a feature request for you.