Availabilty Dashboars

We are starting to build up some EAM apps. We have multiple locations and want to build dashboards that only show the apps for each office so that we can display only the relevant apps up on a wall monitor in each office. How can I achieve this?

We want to do a similar approach, I work in health so the applications ideally should be grouped by department. I was thinking of having a top level EAM status dashboard for departments to then drill down to another EAM status dashboard of actual apps. Interested to hear of any solutions around this

I know I was able to do this in 3.x but looking for if I can duplicate it in 4.x.

You can nest EA’s using the dependencies option - This won’t roll up health (unless you specifically override it to happen), but will allow you to create perspectives based on the objects in the next EA.

It would essentially just be a template dashboard for each EA which is then shared via OA (for wall screens) and provided to each office.

I was hoping for a way to use a team folder so I could keep all dashboards for a location grouped together.