AWS Dashboard

First experience with AWS and at a new company. Any tips from anyone on metrics to show on a dashboard showing health of AWS? I do see that they have the AWS monitoring management pack and AWS Amazon Web Services Management pack loaded. Looking for manuals for them now but hoping someone has a few tips for some things that would be good to show since I am doing this as a POC for Squared Up and trying to push SCOM ahead a little here.

A lot will depend on what you’re using AWS for, but as a starting point i’d suggest using the State tile to show the state of any EC2 instance you might have.

I think you can also use the performance tile for CPU, Memory and Disk, all of which would be useful to have on a dashboard.

We’re using the AWS MP and Squared Up so if you can wait until next week I can try to dig out dashboard out to show what we did, although to be fair it’s also rather basic. Our guys are mainly using EC2 instances to host a Kubernetes cluster so a lot of the stuff they’re doing is monitored via other means. I’m pretty sure we could do it via SCOM but to be honest i’ve got enough work as it is building monitoring for all the other stuff which doesn’t have it ‘out of the box’.

Any thing you can show me would be great. I am new to this company and showing what SCOM/Squared Up are capable of and looking to make a big impression. This is my first experience with AWS so I have to build that knowledge base but have been building out dashboards for specific things already and just looking to really show just how much good this can do. So far management seems impressed but looking to impress the teams that would use it as well.