Azure networking between regions

Hi all,

Thought I’d post on here again since I got some good help with my last Azure question…

I’m trying to provide “better” access to Squared Up for teams in other countries to work around latency over long distances, and wonder how others have approached this (for web-apps in general). I’ve deployed new front-ends in other regions but everything we monitor, and SCOM itself, is still primarily on-prem. For now I’m considering it a fact that I can’t move the data warehouse to Azure using some fancy geo-replication features. The on-prem network is connected to Azure West Europe using a VPN, and that’s where our primary SU server lives.

I’ve tried a few scenarios so far.

  1. Resource groups in other regions using vNet Peering to connect everything to West Europe using Microsoft's backbone.
  2. Resource groups in other regions using VPN's to connect everything directly to our office over the internet.
  3. Not bothering with anything in other regions and just getting users to connect to what we have in West Europe.
For reference, the other regions are India Central and East US.

So far I’ve experienced different “problems” with user experience but I can’t make up my mind which is the lesser of these evils. Scenarios 1 and 2 are pretty similar in that they make the UI load really really quickly, but authenticating and pulling performance data is noticeably slow as a result. Scenario 3 is just slow at everything, but at least that feels consistent and rules out the need for any HA config in Squared Up.

Any comments on Azure networking between regions would be appreciated, maybe there’s an option I haven’t discovered yet?

Have you tried using Azure App Proxy?

Less VPN routing and general complexity than the options above. Super cost-effective and easy to administer.

Squared Up hosted a webinar on the topic of external access, which may also be of interest: