Azure SQL Managed Instance (MI) Dashboard Pack

Hey All,

Has anyone in the community created a dashboard for Azure SQL MI?

We have the SCOM MP imported but wanted to see if anyone has created a dashboard for this MP before I start work creating one.

Thanks, Anthony.

Hi Anthony,

Did you ever get a chance to build dashboards around this? Would be good to know how you did it.


I just created a basic one for our testing needs.
Scoped a few tiles to the SCOM objects (using the SQL MI MP discovered objects) for the discovered test MI’s (Managed Instances, Alerts, MI Databases, DB Active Connctions & DB Engine CPU Utilization) then due to some missing metrics in the SQL MI MP from Microsoft, I added a few SQL Tiles to query these based on requirements from our DBA Team, stuff like SQL MI Storage usage.

This is the dashboard that I did if you want to download it?

Thanks to Sameer Mhaisekar in helping it get published.

Awesome, thanks!