Backup Requirements


I am just wanting to ask for some advise relating to the backup requirements for Squared Up.

We had the product recommended by a 3rd party during the installation process of our SCOM environment and have since purchased a full license. However before we get too far down the road of rolling out the products to other users within the dept I want to make sure I have the necessary backup requirements in place.

I have taken a look through the installation documentation etc but I am unable to see any backup instructions or recommendations so I am hopeful that somebody can point me in the direction of some instructions or a blog etc. which may shine some light.




Hey Mark,

Squared Up is all file based, so all we do is backup the User sub-folder of the application directory i.e. C:\inetpub\wwwroot\SquaredUpv3\User. We’ve had cause to restore from backup too, and its basically a process of installing a fresh copy of Squared Up and going through the initial setup wizard (10 mins tops), then just dropping back in the \User\Profiles and \User\Packages folders.

Profiles contains your user permissions and navigation bars, and Packages is all your own dashboards and perspectives.

We use High Availability now so have 2 servers but this actually makes it a little simpler as all the \User content is now on a file server that’s being backed up anyway (file-level and VM-level).

I’d also looked at really simple options like scheduled tasks to robocopy the \User folder to another location, but simply backing up our file server works really well for me.


Thanks for the response guys, I shall take a look at adding this into the current backup procedures.

I was advised that as part of our license purchase we would be able to implement some HA so I am going to investigate this possibility.



This is spot on - The only caveat that I can add is that the oms.encrypted.json and webapi-providers.json are encrypted. These can be restored to the same server, but as they are encrypted using the machine key, they will need to be manually recreated if another server is used.

Provided you’re on anything other than Community Edition license, you can enable HA for a primary and three other nodes. More info on HA: