Benefits of upgrading from 2016

ok guys I’m still on SCOM 2016. Can you please tell me the benefits of upgrading to the latest version which I believe is 2019?

I am still on 2016 as well but there are a few features I am wanting.

  1. HTML Emails now native not a big deal to those of us that have been using them since Squared Up showed us how but still a nice add.
  2. Enhanced notification rules which include an exclude option.
  3. HTML 5 Web Console shows promise.
Things to watch for
  1. No Support for Windows 2008 or 2008R2
  2. No support for RHEL 6

wait what? No RHEL 6, 2008/2008 R2? How could that make it through QA?

I believe ya but just can’t believe that’d make it out of the gate without that functionality.

technically for 2008 and 2008r2 you can keep using the 2016 agent it is should work fine but would not be officially supported but after discussions with MS they would give a best effort. That one I almost understand with 2008 class going EOL in January. RHEL 6 still had over a year of support left in it and they did not add support in for it.

I thought the Microsoft Monitoring Agent was basically a generic service now, since it’s used by a lot of the Azure stuff. Is the 2019 agent actually a different app or is it just that they don’t support 2008 R2 from a support perspective (that is, you can’t call them and complain if it doesn’t work)? I’m okay with that, we are phasing out our 2008 R2 servers pretty rapidly, but there might be a few still online until mid next year.

It is in the release notes for the product. I even met with the product team about it.