Best place/Server to install SquaredUP

Have just downloaded a trail version and need to find out what is the appropriate location to install the squaredup tool/dashboard.

We have a pool of 4 management servers ,SQL RS and DB/DW Servers.
We have the SCOM Web Console running off the SQL Reporting Server.

Knowing that SquaredUp might increase its overhead as I start to publish more dashboards and looking forward we might have more users diving into have a look.

This will increase workload of a server its on so what is the best place to install it.

My two choices are – either on one of the Management Servers or the SQL Reporting Server as it will be easier to retrieve data and display.

Ideas please.

In our environment, we have to have our servers in a separate network with minimal ports opened to the rest of the network for better security. We had to have a port opened for the Reporting server/Web Console anyway so that users can run their effective configuration reports. Therefore we wanted to install it on the SSRS server since the port we needed was already open for our users.

It also had the added benefit that the Squared Up install could pick up and use the Web Console settings that we already there. We still have the pleasure of knowing that if Squared Up did not work, the users still had the Web Console to fumble through. So if the server is setup to handle the load of users in the SCOM Web Console, Squared Up should work fine. And remember to show users how to use Open Access since using it can scale really well.

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Install it where the web console lives, and don’t worry about overhead as the squaredup console runs way better than the opsmgr web console. You can also load balance the web console once you got from trial to production.

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Previous examples of customer use have been to have dedicated web servers for the SCOM console and Squared Up. Realistically it’s very light weight and can sit any where.

It does not have to sit on a management server or a SCOM DW server :slight_smile:

The recommended hardware specs can be found here, but you can always provision a VM with what’s on here and then increase it’s capacity once users start using Squared Up:

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since Squared Up serves same purpose of the SCOM web server, I’ve been installing Squared Up on SCOM web servers…

The Squared Up installation looks for a SCOM agent and pulls the info from that :wink: