Best way to set up a SDK/Console server

We are accessing SCOM various ways, Local console, citrix console, squaredup etc. In near future, PS and SDK will be heavily accessed by others than SCOM administrators and i will dedicate a management server for this purpose. The question is, how? Should i decommission the new “SDK server” from all MS resouce pool?

We have an automated solution to balance and approve agents where we can exclude a management server, maybe that’s the best way? Agents will still failover to the “SDK” server.

ideas that i missed are appreciate


If you already have an automated solution for load balancing agents, it sounds like you should be able to use that to exclude the SDK server.

There are a few scripts out there to load balance agents, but this one is quite neat:

It uses a Resource Pool defined in SCOM, so the management of server roles is still centralised. Note that the agent’s failover server is also allocated from the same Resource Pool. You’d simply create a Resource Pool that contains all mgmt servers except your SDK servers.


Thank you Richard. I can of course use another RP, but we will have to “reconfigure” runas distribution as well. Maybe failover to a SDK server isn’t that much of a problem… I will have to think some more about this.

Have you also considered load balancing clients across multiple SDK servers? If you have a number of SDK consumers then high availability and load balancing is probably desirable. The thing to watch out for with load balanced SDK servers is setting up your SPNs correctly.

I will consider this when we have a dedicated SDK server in place. First i think i will LB SquaredUp :slight_smile:

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