Bulk resetting SCOM DHCP monitor alerts

I have 482 Warning Alerts for “DHCP IPv4 Scope Reconcile Required Monitor” with the reason “Orphaned entries were deleted due to the deletion of a class or an option definition”.


I have reconciled all of the scopes but is there a way to bulk Reset these alerts? It’s not feasible to do them 1 at a time.

From the topic recalculate-not-reset-monitors-in-bulk would Example 1 work if RecalculateMonitoringState was replaced with ResetMonitoringState. The RecalculateMonitoringState could then be run afterwards to update states.
The alert search would use “$Alerts = Get-SCOMAlert -Name ‘DHCP IPv4 Scope Reconcile Required Alert’ | where {$_.IsMonitorAlert -eq $true } so only thye ones I am interested in would be affected.”
I obviously don’t want to break anything so need advice before I run anything.
I think there are quite a few times when this would be helpful.


Hi Ian

Yes, you can use ResetMonitoringState to reset the monitor on the source object for the alert. I’ve previously done something like.

$ManagementServerName = '.'
$AlertNameFilter = 'DHCP IPv4 Scope Reconcile Required Alert' # Alert Name filter i.e. 'DHCP IPv4 Scope Reconcile Required Alert' or '*' or 'Cluster*) etc...
$AlertStates = (0) # if you have any alert states other than New (0) add the values to this array i.e. (0,10,15)

Import-Module OperationsManager
New-SCOMManagementGroupConnection -ComputerName $ManagementServerName
$Alerts = Get-SCOMAlert -ResolutionState $AlertStates -Name $AlertNameFilter

foreach($Alert in $Alerts){
        # It's a monitor based alert we need to reset the health of the monitor that generated it        
        $Alert.Update("Monitor health state reset by script")
        (Get-SCOMClassInstance -id $Alert.MonitoringObjectId).ResetMonitoringState($Alert.MonitoringRuleId) | Out-Null

        # it's a rule based alert we can just close it. 
        $Alert.ResolutionState = 255
        $Alert.Update("Alert closed by script")

Hope that helps

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Hi Keith,
Thanks very much for your answer. Looks to do just what I want. Cheers, Ian.

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