Calling all SecOps experts!

I am looking for a SecOps expert who knows their SIEM from their XDR and is up for a challenge!

I run SCOMathon, am a founding member of Cookdown and now run the SquaredUp innovation lab. Internally we are developing an observability portal, powered by graph technology (watch this space for more here!) and I am looking at applying the tech to new markets. I know how to bring an idea to life but have no security expertise.

I know there is security knowledge in all your existing enterprise IT tooling, from patch data in SCCM, AV data in Defender to configuration threats from Qualys. Even for companies with dedicated security tooling there will be gaps, and areas where the data from multiple systems can be brought together to prioritize threats more accurately (a server missing patches + old AV definitions is a higher risk than a server with just one of these issues)

If this is sounding interesting and you know security like the back of your hand, or you know someone who sounds like a perfect match, give me a shout!