Can Easy tune be used if the Systems that run it don't have internet access?

All my SCOM prod and now DEV systems have had all internet access removed.

So i dont see anything lijke the examples given in the video even though i had previously set the local store location and manually copied the folders from Github to the local store location.

all i get to see is 1 called details.csv from the win2012 & R2 folder.

It doesn’t find or show any of the other Tuning packs in the local store location.

I’ve tried removing the MP and re-adding it but nothing changes.

i have the current version downloaded it again last night to be sure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hello Justin,

It looks like we missed this use case and need to add something to the documentation to get it covered. I don’t have the documentation updated yet, but we do have a solution in place.

The online store and local store use a slightly different file structure, the online store relies on an index and individual folders for documentation, notes, and anything else needed. The local store only contains the CSV and metadata files that function as overrides to the online versions.

The Solution:

A script and new folder have been added to the repository. The folder contains the online repository in the local format, ready to use as a Local Store, the script is used as part of the build process to update this folder.

With this folder now created, if you re-download the store from GitHub you should be able to point to this folder and use all the tuning packs.


Please let me know if things don’t go smoothly,


Nathan Foreman