can I exclude "C:\SystemReserved" from "LogicalDisk - % Free Space" metric

Is there way to exclude “C:\SystemReserved” from “LogicalDisk - % Free Space” metric?

I tried to work by this instructions but it didn’t work.

This is not possible as the metric is collected by SCOM as a whole for the disk. No changes to Squared Up can alter this nor within SCOM itself. The collection rule gains the free space for the whole disk, not just a set of directories.

Just to add to Jelly’s answer. If you wanted to do this you would need to create your own performance collection rule with it’s own logic. It wouldn’t be a trivial exercise.

The exclude in the blog article you reference allows you to exclude specific disks or specific servers (depending what object you are selecting) but not to perform any deductions \ calculations on existing data.

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