Can I invoke alert tasks in SquaredUp?

We have a script to create incident ticket by passing alert properties as parameters. I wouldn’t find a way in SquaredUp to add Alert tasks.

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Invoking alert tasks isn’t possible as they run through your local command line. Depending get on how your ticket system works, it is possible to create tickets through squp. I created a Powershell based solution that could fetch parameters from a url and used those to create a ticket in our system. The whole thing kicks off from a link/button on the alert perspective


Further to what Erhnst has said, the tasks that are run via Squared Up are Agent tasks. The type you’re after are console tasks. More info in the links below.

Squared Up and Tasks:

Agent Tasks:

Console Tasks:

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Just one side note. you can turn it around and create a new resolution state that you include in a subscription. This subscription can use a command channel that does the magic. That way, the only thing you have to do is change the alert resolution state within squaredup

Great idea! I will test it out.