Can the Performance Scalar show cumulative web connections?

I have SQUP 4.8.1 and using the Performance > Scalar tile, I have pointed it a series of web servers which all run IIS. The metric is Web Service - Current connections.

I have noticed that the number produced is not the cumulative total of all web connections across the servers. Its like this tile only shows the max figure of the server with the highest connections. If 6 x servers have 20 connections each, I would expect the Scalar tile to read out 120

Is this possible OOTB or is some addition code needed to add up the connections metric from each server?

Hey Monty

I think the best way to do this would be either the Powershell tile (v5) or the SQL tile. As you’ve noticed perf scalar tile with a group of servers doesn’t work well.


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Hey Badger

Thanks for that - we are looking to get upgraded to v5.1 or 5.2 shortly so will see what we can do then


Awesome. New versions are all worth the trouble. :slight_smile: