Can we graph events per day with performance charts?

I’d like to have a performance line chart that displays the number of alerts raised each day. This is easy to show as a list in the SQL query tile with a commonly available SQL query but a pretty picture for NOC screen is better.

I started trying a html tile using a URL to a webpage that draws charts with Chart.js but getting the SQL data needs serverside scripting / aspx pages that is beyond my capabilities. (JavaScript is not supported in the html tile)

Is there a way to do this with SquaredUp natively that I’m missing ???




I think the only way to accomplish this is to have the Events written down as Performance data in the OpsDB/DW.

Tao Yang has an example here where he creates a performance rule to collect Events. Once you have it in the DB you can visualize it as a graph in Squared Up.


Squared Up ships with an inbuilt dashboard pack for SCOM. One of the dashboards, SCOM – Alerts, contains a performance graph for Active Alerts – Last 7 days. You can search for this dashboard in the global search (top right).

The performance metric targets the All Management Servers Resource Pool.

Scope: All Management Servers Resource Pool

Metric: ManagementGroupAlerts – AlertsCount

No need to do this outside of the product/create a custom solution, your monitoring already allows this ?


Jelly is correct. I read Events as in Windows Events :slight_smile:


We find the SCOM -Alerts looks weird on our system. Haven't figured out why.

Thanks Jelly, that is exactly the tile wanted. It’s the same as the Management server heath trend widget which is what I wanted.

Hey Chris! Excellent :slight_smile: Glad to help! Please mark this as solved and set mine as the best answer so other users can find this post easily :slight_smile: