Can we pull 30 days availability report of a Server


I have a requirement to know the availability of a server for 30 days.

I tried by selecting through Performance and there i didnot find relevant metric for Availability also tried through Status but neither satisfies my condition.

In fact I want to know server availability status for 30 days at granular level like how many times server went down and its date and times details in similar lines want to know down time and its date and time details.

Does Squaredup have this capability, Let me know how to pull this kind of report if it have…?

Thanks in Advance.




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The out of the box availability report in SCOM will give this level of detail (Reporting Workspace > Microsoft Generic Report Library > Availability):

Squared Up will allow you to place an SLA gauge on dashboards/perspectives for objects/groups, though will not give you the up-down / causality that it sounds like you’re after.

You can write a SQL query to pull the same data out of the SCOM Data Warehouse for this and display it in tabular form though :slight_smile:

Hello Jelly,

I look forward to Squared up data after I tried this (Reporting Workspace > Microsoft Generic Report Library > Availability) and found discrepancy, below is the detailed information.

It has been observed that SCOM availability report is showing discrepancy when I tried to pull the same kind of report with same list of servers and same time lines but only different is creation of the report dates are different.

To clarify further, I had pulled 30 days Availability report for couple of groups just 2 days back where it is showing 0% availability for two of the servers from the list.

After identifying the same, today again I tried to pull the same Report by selecting similar Groups with same timelines but this time with different data where the same servers are showing up 100% availability in this new report. In fact I was wondered because I had all primary checks like Heartbeat failure Alerts and found nothing during that period , Up time in Task Manager, Why earlier report is showing 0% availability since it is not the case with server in reality.

I would like to know why SCOM reports has discrepancy and don’t want to see this for next time, because these reports are major considerable’s and publishing the same to customers.

It would be great help if can help me to make my SCOM report accurate every time when I pull.



For absolute basics you could run a report on system up-time and have that displayed through SquaredUp.

However in it’s base form isn’t entirely user friendly, you would need to set the scope to advanced and see if you are able to change the criteria to set it to days instead of seconds.

To access this you will need to select the performance tile > then under metrics select System / System Uptime

Another way around this would be to download and install a 3rd party management pack from OpsLogix does basic ICMP and just pings the devices this is their free MP.

Ping Management Pack

They have created a management pack which comes bundled with a report, however this is just ping response times so something that may not be useful to you.

I think this depends on how you plan to present the data to you clients/customers as there are a few ways to go about it.

  1. You could use the in-built reporting from SCOM and under the Windows Server xxxx Operating system select the Operating System Performance
  2. You could use the OpsLogix MP and and create a Visio Dashboard which contains the Target Host Class and then share the required dashboards as Open Access Dashboards
  3. Create an SLA against the device group you would like to monitor and then present that in terms of an Open Access Dashboard
The crux of it will be how much time needs to be invested in the report, as one could be created going through your SQL team to create the necessary report. However they would need to be versed in the classes, and objects to pull out the information needed for your custom report.

I hope this helps or at the very least points you into the right direction for what you need.


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Thank you for the great post. I also have the similar query, but I want to fetch availability on health service watcher state with hourly granularity using SQL query. If possible, can you please share the sql query with me?

Many Thanks!

To show availability of a server we use the SCOM availability report as mentioned above targeted at the health service of the computer. We have created groups that contain just the health service of the computers we want and this gives us a good insight into server up and down. The health service is where the heart beat failures are generated so this is where we find the best health report for a server. It means that it’s not affected if there is another monitor on top of windows system.

Availability doesn’t just include heartbeats or up/down information. It also includes anything that sits under the availability dependancy monitor in health explorer. This can be service availability, any custom availability monitoring etc.