Can you add existing dashboards to team folders


We recently upgraded to V4 and I am trying to move our existing dashboards to the Team folders that i have created but i couldn’t able to move to any Team folders.

I tried to move a single dashboard and also tried the entire dashboard folder to Team folder neither worked.

Is brand new dashboard creation is compulsory to make use of Team folder feature and can’t we use the existing dashboards, please confirm …?

Is there any other way to configure using JSON files, please suggest.

The best method is to create a dashboard in the folder you wish it be in. Navigate through the menu to the folder and click +

From the knowledge site, to move a dashboard into/out of a Team folder:

  • Users with author or owner permissions can move a dashboard out of a Team Folder and into another Team Folder, if they have author or owner permissions on both Team Folders.
  • Administrators can move a dashboard out of a Team Folder and onto the global navigation bar, or into another Team Folder.

Can we do entire folder to Team folder …?

I don’t think you can because a folder is already its own folder. Might be worth speaking to support and let us know what they come back with.

Yes, please check with support and update me.
However the provided article helped me, thanks Jelly.

Sorry Sashi, I meant that you should check with support. I don’t have this issue, so I’m unable to provide details to them, so you’re best placed to raise this.