Can you convert folders to team folders?

The reason I’m asking is because I’ve created some team folders but when I edit navigation I’m unable to move and of my other folders underneath them so it kind of makes it pointless. I don’t really want to reinvent the wheel and create new dashboards from scratch underneath my team folders. I just want to move existing dashboards that fit particular teams under newly created ones. If I could convert folders to team folders that would be ideal. Let me know.


Nested team folders are not supported.

From the docs:

A Team Folder cannot be moved into another Team Folder.
You can move dashboards into a folder within a team folder, but you cannot move an entire existing folder into a team folder at the moment. You are also able to convert a folder into a team folder.

Raise a feature request!

Then I’m not really understanding the point of team folders if I can’t take dashboards I have already created and move into newly created team folders. I don’t want to move team folders under new team folders. I want to move folders under team folders. Basically, I have a web team that already has dashboards that I already had in folders. Now I want to create a Development team folder and move those existing dashboards prior to v4 into this newly created Development team folder so I can designate permissions. I have many many dashboards related to other teams here already that predated Squared Up’s team folders implementation in their product. Why should I be penalized now and have to recreate dashboards using the team folder config screen now as opposed to just being able to move existing dashboards under a team folder. Maybe I’m not understanding things. If I am forced to create brand new dashboards from scratch in order for them to be under a team folder then I won’t use the feature at all and it’ll be a waste. Surely this isn’t the case.

I agree completely with Gary Jackson…
Even I am also looking forward like Gary expecting…

Updated my answer above. Team folders cannot contain other team folders. They can, however, contain normal folders (where a “normal folder” is just a new branch in the navigation tree).