Cannot import dashboard pack from inside squared up


if i want to install a dashboard pack inside of squared up, a second tab in my browser

is opening and nothing happens?

What am i doing wrong

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yes, i just click on the install button, then another tab is opened and nothing happens.
(like it did on the screenshot on my first post)
This happens with every dashboard pack.

If i manually download the zip-file i can import it manually by dropping it in the manual import field.

@ Travis the link is showing okay.

Thanks to all.

I figured the problem.

The “Application-Pool” cannot directly connect to the internet, because we have generally only connection
through proxies.

I did add following to the “web.config” of the Application-Pool.


And now everything works.


Do you just click on install on the install button under Community packs? What pack are you trying to install? Do you see anything when you click on info? It seems like the you get to the root page of dashboardpacks and that is blank. You should see this page for example:

Hi Michael,

In addition to jannep’s questions, does the webpage load if you browse directly to ?

If you do an F12 network trace when hitting install from the dashboard what happens in the background?
In my case grabbing a random dashboard pack, I can see a POST issuing ImportFromUrl.
The Parameters are:
url :
Which is the dashboard pack i clicked on and the Response included details about the dashboard pack being imported (and probably importantly errorData as null). Do you get any specific errors here or anything like that?