Can't have "Computer not reachable" in Monitor tile

Dear community,

I’ve been struggling with Monitor tile to show status of only “Computer not reachable” monitor. I can’t get it whether I select “Health Service”, Health Service Watcher" or any of the similar classes. The closest I get is its sibling monitors (see image)



My goal is to create dashboard that will show me only if computers are reachable (up or down) and this monitor’s status would reflect that closely enough.

If anyone has better idea that would also help, but I would really like to know what prevents Squared Up to show “Computer Not Reachable” or “health Service Heartbeat” monitors.



The class the monitor targets is Health Service Watcher, so that’s correct, but the monitor is an aggregate monitor.

Squared Up supports Unit and Dependency monitors only.

Not ideal, but you can use a SQL query to display this info:

SELECT bme.FullName,
FROM state AS s, 
BaseManagedEntity as bme 
WHERE s.basemanagedentityid = bme.basemanagedentityid 
AND s.monitorid IN (SELECT Id FROM MonitorView WHERE DisplayName = 'Computer Not Reachable' AND HealthState = '3')

You can hide/remove/rename columns in the Squared Up tile to make it more presentable.