Change Color of Success\Warning\Error or change font color

Is it possible to change the color that is represented by success\warning\error or is it possible to change the font color? Reason that I am asking this is the light colors against the white font is hard to read on some monitors. Especially if we are trying to put it on a large TV.

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Matthew Long shows this in the Custom Labelling webinar:

At 15:40 in the video, you can see some example Java

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Thank you! So I guess the only thing that I can do is change the color of the font but not the color of the green\yellow\red of the tile?

Holding out hope for a high contrast toggle in an upcoming version

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I had raised a variation of this up to Squared Up a few months ago that the colors for red and green in some area where they are just showing a dot for the status were too close together. This is an issue for people that are partly red green color blind like my self I can not quickly look at one of those dots and tell if it is red of green it takes me a minute of looking at it. I ask for them to do something to make it clearer like put a x in red ! in warning and a check on green or make the colors much more distinct. Last I heard they had several requests for something similar to mine and were investigating it.

Ah, I apologise, I misread what you had asked. Unfortunately not - Might be worth raising with support as a feature request :slight_smile:


Yeah, the only thing that I can see is to update the actual CSS files if I want to change the color but that would affect all dashboards if I did that. I could write a custom JS file that would change it as well if I wanted to check a particular dashboard.

Aye, though I believe that the only files kept on disk during upgrades, is the …\squaredupv3\user\ folder - The CSS would be wiped with each upgrade.