Change displayName of a Distributed Application

How do I change the displayName of a DA that I've created? I created a DA called 'Mobile Iron', I now need this to be 'MobileIron'. I've gone to Properties of the DA and edited it there, but it's not updated the displayName. I've also exported the MP containing the DA and changed anything that had 'Mobile Iron' to 'MobileIron' but it's not updating:


I need the displayName to match the service’s name in Service Now so that I can use sysparm_query name={{properties.displayName}}


I think you need to export the DA where the MP is located and edit the XML.

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I have come across the same problem when trying to rename a management pack. It is language related. Probably the language/regional settings that were used while creating the distapp were not the same as the one you are using to rename it.

See below for more information:

SCOM 2012 and errors with Regional Settings (other than english)

Have you tried to rename using Powershell to see if it makes a difference?

I tried to rename a newly created Distapp myselft now.

And the name gets changed on all places except for in the Squaredup view under monitored entity.

And the reason is that there is one more property called displayname on the object. And it is that property that Squaredup shows.

My test distapp is renamed to test_rename and the result is below:

Get-SCOMMonitoringObject “test_rename” | fl *


[System.Service].ServiceDescription : (null)
[System.Service].BusinessDetailedDescription : (null)
[System.Service].IsBusinessService : (null)
[System.Service].OwnedByOrganization : (null)
[System.Service].Priority : (null)
[System.Service].Status : (null)
[System.Service].Classification : (null)
[System.Service].AvailabilitySchedule : (null)
[System.ConfigItem].ObjectStatus : System.ConfigItem.ObjectStatusEnum.Active
[System.ConfigItem].AssetStatus : (null)
[System.ConfigItem].Notes : (null)
[System.Entity].DisplayName : Test
IsManaged : True
Name :
Path :
DisplayName : Test_rename
FullName : Service_42f4144817f64eb294917956c0569b50
TimeAdded : 2017-11-01 11:49:35
LastModifiedBy :
Values : {(null), (null), (null), (null)…}
LastModified : 2017-11-01 11:50:56
IsNew : False
HasChanges : False
GroupsAsDifferentType : False
ViewName : ManagedEntityGenericView

I have not found a way to change the [System.entity]-name yet

I have found a solution now.

Try the following:

$instance = Get-SCOMclassinstance "Name of your distapp"
$displayname = $instance | Select-Object -ExpandProperty *.Displayname
$displayname.value = "New name of your distapp"

Thanks - I created the DA and then edited it in the same console, and I only have one language set,

I’ve exported the MP containing the DA and done a find/replace for every instance of Mobile Iron to MobileIron, but it’s still not changed anything. Is there another Management Pack where User Created DA’s are stored/referenced?

I guess the display language in the browser is set to the same? When I had problem renaming it could show one name in the console and one in the web console.

It shows as Display Name ‘MobileIron’ in the SCOM console, SCOM web console, in the DA designer and in the SQL Table. The only place where it shows as ‘Mobile Iron’ is in the SquaredUp Monitored Entity perspective, as “displayName Mobile Iron”!

Fantastic - thanks very much, worked like a charm!