Change SquaredUPV3 Web URL


Can someone help me to change the Sqauredup V3 Web URL. Currently the V3 URL appears as http://servername/SqauredupV3. Prior to upgrade the link was like http://servername/Sqauredup. So, I was looking to use the same URL in V3 as well. Need help to change this.


Daya Ram

I'm not 100% sure how to change the existing URL, but its worth noting that the http://servername/Sqauredup URL should be pointing to your V2 instance, while the http://servername/SqauredupV3 is obviously pointing to your V3 instance. The "upgrade" from 2 to 3 isn't really an upgrade; you are actually just installing the new product on the same server.

Have you considered installing V3 on a different server and then changing the URL at the “Ready to Deploy” screen during the install process?


Or, if you’ve already migrated your V2 dashboards to V3, remove V2 and then perhaps there’s something you can do in IIS to direct anyone trying to get to http://servername/Sqauredup to http://servername/SqauredupV3. Someone with a better understanding of IIS than myself may need to help you with that.

I did two things when I upgraded to v3.1, first I went into IIS and changed the web page from SquaredUpv3 to SquaredUp. Second, I added a DNS entry to point http:/monitoring to the web page http:/SquaredUpServerName/SquaredUp. You can do one or the other, but what is nice about the DNS entry is that if you upgrade the version/server, just change the DNS entry to reflect the new information and no one on the front side see any change.

The IIS Rewrite module would be able to do the pass through to the new URL, though this merely redirects under the covers.

Are you looking to run v2 and v3 side by side for a while longer, or has your v2 -> v3 migration completed, and you no longer need/have your v2 installation?