Changing the color of the Logical Disk Label to reflect health state

Is it possible to change the color of your Custom Label for each logical disk to relfect the health state.

for example

When a Disk is in a healthy state the custom label (properties.principalName\displayName) shows up in GREEN

When the Health state of the Disk hits the Warning threshold the Custom label changes to YELLOW

When the Health state of the Disk hits the Critical threshold the Custom label changes to RED

is this possbile and how would i go about creating this custom label, also it would probably be a good idea to show the percentage of disk used next to the label



Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Matthew Long went into a brief example on this webinar:

Essentially, using IF statements and some HTML allows you to do this for the SLA tile, though I’ve not tested this on a performance/status tile. It also doesn’t appear as though space used is not a property against a disk, so this wouldn’t be possible.

To be honest though, if these thresholds are set in SCOM, the object health will show as Healthy/Warning/Critical when the thresholds are breached. It seems a superfluous to do this extra level.

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