check whether notification was sent in scom

Hi All, how can i check whether notification was sent in scom? since i am not a subscriber and managaing the tool alone. i want to check in few situations whether alert was sent to subscriber team or not ? can i check for both alert generation and alert clearing?

Hey. From the top of my head I think you may be able to do something with the command notification channel.
Write (or find) a Powershell script to detect whether an email was sent, and display the output in some way. Or you could run a task on demand if you want to check occasionally.
Just putting out some ideas out there!


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True, within SCOM, there’s no native way to know if a notification has been sent.

However, assuming you’re talking about email notification, simplest way would be to have the email server admin check the logs. Otherwise you could replace the basic email notification by a PowerShell script that sends the email and is called from a command notification. Said PoSH script would be able to do whatever you’d want with it. Caution: Be aware though that I have personally noted that command notification (which you’d use) is not as effective as an email one, so you’d risk losing some notifications when a lot of alerts are generated in a short amount of time

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