Citrix Dashboard Pack

We have some customer interest in a Citrix Dashboard Pack (on the ex-ComTrade MPs, now Citrix MPs).

Does anyone have any Citrix dashboards and perspectives they would be willing to share? If so, please add a comment to this question or reach out to hello[@]

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Anyone who is delved into this do you have any particular metrics that benefit citrix admins that I should add into a dashboard?

Hi Gary,

For me the dashboard view inside the Citrix Delivery Controller has good enough data.

Number of Servers available
Server load
Sessions active per server
Number of errors /faults
Servers in maintenance mode
Nice graph of utilization

But as all things, I have to log onto it to see the details.
Would be a start to have that info represented in a SCOM /SquaredUp dashboard as a single place to view all my dashboards for my environment.

Just a thought.

Some of the stuff we have…



We have a Citrix ‘daily checks’ page which gives a rough over view, it consists of:


Citrix Heartbeat Failures

Citrix Server Health State (red only as we have hundreds)

SQL Health State (Health status)

App Pool Availability (Health status)

PVS Stream Service (Health status)

PVS Soap Server service (Health status)

Citrix Server Alerts

SQL Server Alerts

PVS vDisk Connected Devices (Graph showing connected number of devices)


We have a rule setup that alerts on QFarm load from a text file which outputs the magical mystical load values that are calculated and written to c:\citrix\qfarm.txt - we alert if it matches 10000 or 20000 and return the line in the alert which triggers it - telling the team the name of the server.

We also have monitors setup for IMA Service and MFCOM service for 5.0 farms - seeing as only 6.x+ is now supported by the official MPs