Citrix Logon Simulator - getting hung up on function test-loginform

I’ve run into a snag during testing of the citrix logon simulator community MP. Specifically, testing the script with user credentials and an application specified, when we get to the function Test-LoginForm, the script output tells us that it couldn’t find a logon button, while the IE window that spawns, connects to my storefront and logs in using the account i specified. Truncated output is copied below. Has anyone else run into this?


[04/19/2018 08:24:32.869]: Detecting NetScaler Gateway or StoreFront login form…
[04/19/2018 08:24:32.898]: Try #1: WAIT
[04/19/2018 08:25:02.126]: Try #30: WAIT
[04/19/2018 08:25:03.157]: Exception caught by script
[04/19/2018 08:25:03.168]: Login button not found


Quick update on this. I cleared the cache of the user account used for testing. Afterward, further script testing still opens IE, now however, I am presented with a logon button. The logon doesn’t happen though and the script continues to time out.



Working now. Now we’re waiting to see what happens when scom executes the script.

I’m guessing the Logon button you’re seeing is the one for passthough auth rather than explicit username/password

try adding this in the try block at the bottom of the script:


Open-InternetExplorer -SiteURL $SiteURL

$buttons = $internetexplorer.Document.body.getElementsByClassName(’auth-choice-link authentication-link’)
foreach($button in $Buttons){$}



This finds the ”use different Auth” link if it exists and passes you through to the username/login page

David, we’ve gotten the script to run locally under the service account. This all works fine. when we run it in scom however, scom just reports ‘Bad’. Gary Jackson and I are working on this together so we can probably compress to a single thread to make tracking easier.