Citrix Logon Simulator Script fails on initial test

The Citrix logon Simulator fails on initial manual testing of the script. Any suggestions?

IE opens

Log in - > OK

Does not start Notepad

Shuts Down IE

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Probably something to do with the version of IE you are running.

What happens if you on the server where the script is running run the following commands in a PS command window?

New-Variable -Name internetExplorer -Value (New-Object -ComObject “InternetExplorer.Application”) -Scope Global


We had exactly the same issue. The problem was that the name of the Logoffbutton in Line 99 was not correct.

Line 99: Set-Variable -Name SFLogOffLinkId -Value “menuLogOffBtn” -Option Constant -Scope Script

In our case it was “userdetails-logoff” instead of “menuLogOffBtn”.

You should try to replace that value. You can check the value with the following procedure:

  • Log in to your StoreFront Website with IE
  • Press F12 to get the Developer Tools up
  • Click on the small arrow right beside the username so that the submenu comes up (Activate, Logoff).
  • Click on "Select Element" in the Developer Tools Window (the small square with the cursor icon on it)
  • Click on "Logoff"
In the Developer Window you should see the highlighted line which should look like this:

<a title=“Disconnect” class="_ctxstxt_LogOff _ctxstip_DisconnectApps" id=“userdetails-logoff” role=“menuitem” aria-label=“Logoff” href="#">Logoff</a>

You need the value which is marked bold. Hope this helps you.

We had this issue, it was trying to launch 32 bit apps on a 64 bit machine, the script finds the app in storefront and clicks it but it never loads

running the tests on a 32 bit client works for us