Citrix LogonSim MP : Unable to find C:\Monitoring\Citrix\Log\%appname%\sflauncher.log

Hi All,

I am trying to setup this LogonSim MP. The Test-CitrixApp.ps1 works fine and the all the six steps in the checklist (open IE etc) goes smoothly.

However, on SCOM console while checking “View Last Logon Result” I get the error "Get-Content : Cannot find path ‘C:\Monitoring\Citrix\Log\CITRIX-EUR (Citrix
Simulated Login)\sflauncher.log’ because it does not exist.

I verified -

  1. Test Account is a Local Admin on the machine.
  2. I added the account to have Full Access on C:\Monitoring.
Is there is something that I am missing in setting up the MP ? Any guidance would be highly appreciated.

I would also like to know how to setup this monitoring for multiple Citrix Applications.


Hi Manish,

I would probably wind up sticking some extra output around the script to build up a bigger picture.

So for example rather than going straight to Get-Content, maybe something like:

Write-Output $env:COMPUTERNAME
Test-Path $Configurationpath
Test-Path "$Configurationpath\Log"
Test-Path "$Configurationpath\Log\$TestPath"
Test-Path "$Configurationpath\Log\$TestPath\sflauncher.log"
Get-ChildItem $Configurationpath -Recurse
Get-Content ...

Build up a picture of what is going on and where things could be going wrong. Sanity check everything.

Thanks a lot for the tip. I tried and was able to drill down to permission issue on C: drive. Hence I updated the MP and changed the path to D:\Monitoring\Citrix.

  • Gave Full permission to SCOM Run As Account on the Monitoring Folder. Now I am able to get the JSON file to work.

However I am not able to get the monitoring done on multiple applications. My aim is to have parallel threads of IE open so that multiple applications can be monitored simultaneously.
I tried various method on the Test-CitrixApp.PS1 however getting various exceptions defined in the script e.g. “SF recources page not found”.
Any suggestion on how to achieve it.