Citrix NetScaler Management and Analytics System


We have a citrix Appliance for NetScaler Management and Analytics System.

It works on Nitro, i have try to create a dashboard from your how to:

But it don’t work.

Can you help me?


When i use this url:


I have this error:

The API returned a 401 response and there was no response content

I think it’s an Authentication faillure.

I have configure the web api as your documentation with the header:


  • x-nitrO-USER
  • x-nitrO-PASS:
The user has good permission


What happens when you try to setup the dashboard? Do you get any data at all?

Is that when you run it from Squaredup Webapi or from a test REST-client?
Could you try accessing data via an Restclient and see if that works?