Clean up duplicate dashboards from "More" drop down

For some reason a good protion of my custom dashboards appear in the spot assigned to them in the navigation bar, AND under the “More” dropdown in the Navigation Bar. I’d like to remove all of the extra’s currently under the “More” dropdown.


Running version:

Hi Carl,

In v2 the more menu is only shown to admins - In v3 this is not the case, though it is something that has been mentioned to the devs. We’ve been working on the ability to hide the more menu on a per user / group basis, along with some other bits that will assist in this area.

In version 3.1 you’ll see these changes :slight_smile:



Does this request to the Devs also mention the multiple entries when searching for a dashboard in the Navigation Bar settings? I have the same issue as@OP and raised this a short while ago.

This one is logged with the product team, but won’t be resolved in 3.1 I’m afraid. If you’ve already logged this with support, they should have added your details to the dev ticket and will update you once it’s been resolved / any progress is made.