Color Not working for powershell scalar

Hi, Newbie here testing the community edition, and struggling with the basics.
I know powershell inside and out, but getting the output to be useful is proving tricky just for a scalar.

As a basic test, I have this script
get-process | measure-object | select -expandproperty Count

This outputs the number of processes fine. But, the color (colour) value detection does not work. Does not matter if the output of my command is a string, a int, or a single object. What am I doing wrong?

in the color section, I have:
value => 100

value < 100

Result: it always comes out with no color. Any pointers please, thanks.

Hi Chris

Do you have curly braces around your colour condition? This is my attempt and it seems to be working correctly:

briliant, thanks, turned out to be that and also the => I had which needed to be >= instead.

cheers Masokisi.

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