Community Management Pack Catalog - Unable to resolve the index location

When selecting the Discover Community Packs, I receive the following error.

Log Name: Operations Manager

Source: Community MP Catalog

Event ID: 501:

Event Description: Unable to resolve the index location from

Our Security team has responded with the following response. Is it possible to reconfigure to go directly to the GitHub?

“Your SCOM management product is directed to “” then get redirected to “”. Github is not a problem to unblocked, as we already allow most of that content, but we need approval to unblock domain as it is a parked domain”

This issue has been added to GitHub and can be viewed and tracked at:

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Hello Sarah, has been updated and is no longer a parked domain, does this help your configuration? The issue in GitHub to create a direct URL setting is still open, if the above updates to do not work in your environment please let me know, and I will continue to focus on the GitHub issue.


Thanks for your feedback,


How can we download a new version w/out re-registering for the download?

Hi Sarah - Can you raise an issue on the github project for this? We can only make suggestions here!

I am having a similar issue. Our Websense is blocking it since it is a new domain. Github is open, but not to I am trying to get an allowance as it is only for my dev lab, but some push to fix the URL to use Github would be great.

I appreciate the feedback, I’ll focus on that. You can place notes and track activity on the GitHub issue:

Fairly sure it appears as an installed community management pack and you can update it through the Admin > Management Packs (Community) > Installed Community Packs. It’ll show as having an update :slight_smile: