Commvault Simpana - SCOM

Has anyone configured SCOM to work with Commvault Backup Application?

I understand its possible to set up SCOM alerts for this.


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We don’t use this product ourselves, but I have managed to find this article about it for you:-

Failing that SNMP Traps might work, but through my experience SCOM doesn’t bode so well in this field of monitoring.

As a side note and further reading Commvault supply the management pack with the installation, which I presume will set locally on the device somewhere.

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Thanks, I got this to work and was fairly simple.

I now have alerts I am interested in generating in SCOM.

We have this working as well but we can’t find were the severity (critical, warning, information) criteria is coming from on the Commvault side Does anyone know if that can be changed on the Commvault side. There are some alerts we only want to be set a warnings and not critical alerts. we need to change this.

any help is appreciated.

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