Computer Not Reachable not returning to healthy

We have a Computer Not Reachable monitor that is stuck in the critical state, event though the Health Service Heartbeat Failure has returned to healthy, and the server is online.

In the Health Explorer for the Health Service Heartbeat Failure monitor the “Ping Computer on Heartbeat Failure” diagnostic shows the following ErrorMessage:

Unable to create automation object ‘winmgmts: {impersonationLevel=impersonate}! \old-mgmt-server.mydomain.local\root\CIMv2

How can I update this task to use a valid management server?


Here’s your answer, because I’ve done this successfully in my environment.

Find the monitor for Health Service Heartbeat Failure and look at the Properties.

Under the Diagnostic and Recovery tab, click on the Diagnostic task name “Ping Computer on Heartbeat Failure” and click EDIT

Now, create an Override for the Diagnostic “Ping Computer on Heartbeat Failure” and change the Source Computer Parameter with the name of the source computer that you want to use.

Save it to an MP and you’re in business.

NOTE: To FIX this, you should move the agents that are reporting to the old SCOM server to a working SCOM server. Then you wouldn’t need this override since by default it should PING from an agents management server. I assume that this hasn’t been done because your agents may be manually installed and it’s a pain in the behind to move them.

ALSO: We use this override because we do not allow PING from all segments of our environment to reach the agents management server. So we override the Source Computer to use a server that can be pinged from most of our environment. It would be nice if the default was to have the GW or MS perform the ping, depending on where the agent first reports its health.


I don’t see any screenshot here. Does this agent report to the old MS? see configuration in control panel and registry entries

Thanks. Updated question.