Comtrade XenServer MP - No Performance Data in Squared Up

Hey, We have a interesting problem regarding our XenServer performance data. We use the Comtrade XenServer MP v. In our normal SCOM console we can find Performance Data and in Squared Up it says “no metric found”. For example, performance view of a “shared storage” in the SCOM console and for the same shared storage pool in Squared Up:

and in Squared Up:

Does anybody else got this problem??

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Update: Hosting Stack to get to the performance view:



You’ve got slightly mixed up here. You’re searching for the target in Squared Up, when you should be looking for the instance (you can see the instance column in the performance view).

Give that a go and I’ll try to explain what the difference is.

It appears that a number of rules in the ComTrade (now Citrix) management packs do not write data in to the SCOM data warehouse.

Squared Up reads performance data from the Data Warehouse database, whereas the SCOM console reads data from the Operations Manager database. Typically, performance data is written simultaneously to both the Data Warehouse and the Ops Manager database, but unfortunately some management packs are not authored in this way.

You can verify whether the data is being written to the Data Warehouse by checking a couple of things:

  1. From a performance view in SCOM right-click on a metric (that doesn’t show in Squared Up) and click ‘Show or edit rule properties’.
  2. On the Configuration tab, check that there are two items listed under ‘responses’ at the bottom of the tab, as shown here:

The second item ‘Performance data publisher’ is often (although not always) the one that writes data to the Data Warehouse. If it isn’t listed then the data probably isn’t being written to the Data Warehouse.
You can also try to run a report from the SCOM Reporting tab. If the data is not in the DW then you will not be able to report against it.

The only course of action is to author your own, equivalent, performance collection rules or to contact the MP vendor (Citrix in this case).

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I think i got the right instance? I have added the hosting stack above :wink:
Thank you :slight_smile: