Connecting Dell's OpenManage via WebAPI issue

I am playing with WebAPI access to Dell’s Open Manage Enterprise but when trying send GET like
https://server/api/DeviceService/Devices?$filter=Status eq 4000

it returns error because of the spaces included.
I tried to replace spaces with %20 or + in the statement but with no luck.
Those spaces are defined in OME’s REST access guide as a proper way, it works with Postman, but not in SquaredUp.

Hi Sebastian

I don’t have Dell OpenManage but if I create a WebAPI tile with Telerik Fiddler configured as a proxy on the SquaredUp server it looks as though the GET request is sent by server in this format:


Whereas Postman sends it like this:

The problem may be that the $ sign is URL encoded by SquaredUp but Postman is not encoding it. This behaviour does appear in the release notes for an older version:

If this is the cause, then you may be better off using the PowerShell tile to call the API rather than the WebAPI tile, or maybe raise a Support ticket if you’re able to do so.

Hi masokisi,
Thank you for your time spent on this.
I have upgraded SquaredUp to latest version 5.5 earlier today, but that didn’t solve the issue. I will raise support ticket now to get more info.
Thanks again